The state of things

Reiventing this blog and getting it going again has been a struggle, getting pack to the place where I truly feel I am ready for change and to finally move on to the next exciting chapter of my life. I guess it is a lot easier said than done trying to juggle everything and still have time for everything else. I have found myself talking to a couple of friends this week over coffee and dinner about my situation and what I should do. It is the same people that I feel I am “complaining” to all the time and after I finish I just sit back and think “First world problems”This morning as I looked around the astonishingly pristine beach talking about my thoughts on KONY 2012 and my love for Bhutan I realised that I already have everything I need to move forward into the next chapter of my life. I will be exploring my past in this blog and sharing my experiences as they happen but I don’t have to wait around for something to happen, I have to make it happen, it truly is the only way to move beyond. 


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