Meditation assisted

Thanks to your feedback and comments I have decided to start assisted meditation through group classes. I am a little nervous about going and decided to wait until after the holiday season to start attending, I can’t honestly say that my body will be treated like a temple over this christmas break. Actually to quote one of my loveliest friends Supriya “If my body is a temple, then I have been treating mine like a dump” (I say this as I am eating some KFC chicken!)

Losing my job has not been as gut wrenching or as bad as I expected. I have been filling my days looking for work, writing as much as I can and watching a lot of Scrubs, something my friends are happy about. Basically I want to write this post and thank you for reading this year and sticking around for the change. I will be back in January 2013 to start everything again for another year.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank the crew at Hello Sunday Morning for helping me on my journey this year. I started my sober journey in January and am nearly up to one year of being sober. I have had a couple of slip ups but apart from that I have got myself off my addiction to alcohol and the horrible impact it has on our society. If you are thinking about changing your alcohol habits head to

Have a great christmas and a safe and happy new year

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