This weekend I made an impromptu, last minute decision to head to Surfers Paradise for the Easter long weekend, see my family and my beautiful cousin who I have yet to meet and have some well deserved fun after what has been a bitch of a year so far. The plan was three theme parks in three days, including a theatre show (Australian Outback Spectacular) and some much needed family time.

Movie World is definitely one of my favourite places in the world, it combines all my favourite DC Comics characters, themed rides and so much stuff to buy in the shops it is crazy. I am proud to say I was really restrained and did not buy a thing this time around (although my brain knows that next time I will buy double to make up for it!)

After a hard day at DreamWorld going on rides and looking at A LOT of Australian themed attractions we headed off to the Outback Spectacular. A dinner and show based on Australian history. I knew it was going to be camp but I was excited for it anyway. The show started and after a 5 second oh Aboriginals were here, the show began and focusing on the british fleet and skipped over the slaughter as if it never existed. When the Man From Snowy River and Phar Lap stuff started I was still outraged, I didn’t expect a re-enactment of the atrocity but some mention of it, or even an acknowledgement of the original inhabitants of the land we were on would have been respectful or at least half decent. It was like being in year 5 history were you learn the dreamtime stuff for 5 minutes and then Australian history begins with the arrival of the first fleet. This kind of ignorance just boils my blood, and although this show was showcasing horses, it could have handled it a bit better than what they did.

The more I think about it, the more I want to do those things that crazy people do. Write a letter, take it to Today Tonight and all of that crap but I won’t (and never would, let me make that clear!) It just made me think in a lot of ways we have come so far with trying to make sense of what happened in our past with the Aboriginal people and nothing we could ever say or do will ever make up for the near extinction of this beautiful culture, we can try to move forward and pave a better tomorrow.

Enough of the heavy stuff, the rest of the holiday was somewhat interesting and while I am very glad to be home I can say that everybody needs a break at some point and this was just what I needed to refresh and recharge my batteries. I hope wherever you are you had an amazing easter and took some time to spend with your family and loved ones.





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