The Happiness Jar



Happiness has been something that I have been actively pursuing over the past few years, particularly when I saw the film (and read the book) Eat Pray Love, a lot of you would know that this is how this blog got started and I attempted to find some sort of resolve and path to being a happier person. 

I went through a lot of turmoil and grief to get to the stage I am at today but lately I have realised that I have become extremely complacent with the stage I am at and unfortunately have turned into that whiney person who constantly whinges about everything (literally!) Not that I am extremely unhappy or depressed I am just bored and complacent. I find I am stopping myself mid-conversation all the time wondering why am I just rambling about my situation and sounding like an annoying, fat whiner? My friends don’t deserve to be subjected to this! Especially when in comparison I have a lot, I have nothing to really complain about so what can I do? 

Eat Pray Love was written by Elizabeth Gilbert who has become somewhat of a mentor to me, although I do not know her personally, I love her work, her talks, her ideals, they all speak to me and I feel if we did ever meet we would click and become lifelong friends (I swear I am not a crazy stalker!) Being a fan of her facebook page I kept seeing posts of people’s “Happiness Jars” beautifully decorated jars with slips of paper listing good things that had happened, reasons to be happy. I decided that I had to do this and include gratifications in mine. Putting things that I am grateful and happy for will keep me in check whenever my inner spoiled brat kicks in. 

My jar is clearly not that beautiful (clearly crafts are not my area of expertise) but I did the best with my limited talents and here it is, ready to be filled daily with things that I am happy and grateful for, and if I am ever in that frame of mind all I need to do is empty the jar, read the paper and snap out of it. 

I love this idea and knowing that other people around the world are doing it at the same time makes the idea more communal. If you are feeling unhappy, depressed or just a whiner like me try this out and see how you go. 



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