DIY Rainbow Crossings


A large movement at the moment is the DIY Rainbow Crossing that is sweeping Australia, and the world (apparently). It started out as a protest to the Sydney Council removing the rainbow crossing that was installed in Oxford Street, Sydney for Mardis Gras celebrations earlier this year. Every poof and lesbo seemed to be outraged at the thought of this temporary crossing being removed and started this as a protest. 

Now when I first initially heard of the crossing being painted over I honestly wasn’t too fussed, that was until I saw the images of council workers ripping up the street and filling it in with new tar and asphalt. The scenes of this angered me completely, it wasn’t a simply painting over, it was as if the council were ripping out the rainbow crossing and all memory of it . 

James Brecheny who is the mastermind behind the DIY Rainbow Crossing revolution, stated that when he did the first chalk rainbow, it was only over intended as a joke “I just thought it would be really funny to put on Facebook, I thought I’d get 50 Likes on my wall.”

Thousands of likes and messages later the DIY rainbow crossing movement began and what started as a protest became a message of love, equality and the big one, gay marriage. Now how does one get from crossing protest to gay marriage? I was confused by this so I did a little digging and here is what I found. 

DIY Rainbow Crossings are appearing everywhere, all over Australia and even in some places across the world. Since the DIY Rainbow Crossing project started New Zealand and France have amended their marriage laws to include the LGBT community, coincidence? I like to think not. 

While I personally do not want to spend my days hanging around streets with chalk, I do support what this group is trying to do. I personally think a better way to get the message out there is to get as much information on marriage laws and local council members as we can and actually putting together a protest against the current marriage laws and taking this to our local councils. 

I live in Newcastle, NSW which has been highlighted for our council Mayor ordering the removal of these rainbow crossings with pressure water hoses as soon as they are noticed. There are a couple of issues surrounding this that you may not be aware of. A local nightclub “Unity” decided to do their own DIY crossing outside their club, it was quite spectacular and was quickly removed by the council. The problem I have is that the nightclub owners also run a website ( and documented the removal on video camera and quoted themselves in the article. The owners then spread this across the internet as much as they could in what seems like a desperate grab for attention for their nightclub, maybe not so much for the actual cause itself. I would like to make one thing very clear, Nightclub promoters do not act on behalf of the community, they have a business that operates and makes them money. They promote the consumption of alcohol and ultimately are in it for the cash. This is something that has always disturbed me about these nightclub promoters claiming to be social activists, they are not helping the community in any way, rather providing another venue for alcohol and entertainment quality. 

While this is one element of a community, there are so many others that are more important that need to be addressed and included. ACON promote and host events for homosexuals as well as provided much needed health and wellbeing advice for the community as a whole.  As You Are is a social and support group for 15-20 year old homosexuals, COMAG is for the more mature men of our community who have regular lunches, annual parties and get togethers. The Hunter Gay Network is another social group for gay men aged 30+, Karumah is a support group for people living with HIV and their parents, families and friends. LLINC is a lesbian social group, open to all ages, NUSA is the university group with regular meetings and you don’t have to be a student to attend. PFLAG is the parents supportive group for Newcastle and Rainbow Visions who host many events and the annual picnic and festival for the queer community. All of these are community activists, providing places of support, counselling and friendship that held mould and support a community of people. If you want to find out how to get in touch with any of these groups please click here.

Going back to my original discussion, the DIY rainbow crossing movement is getting bigger and bigger, and while council may find ways to remove them, maybe a smarter and more effective way would be to actually speak to the Mayor, find out what his objections are and find a solution to raise awareness of the homophobia in our city council (if it actually exists!) and start implementing effective ways to combat it. 

I am challenging myself to get involved in my local community, I wish I had known about these groups when I was younger, it would have my situation a lot easier with some community support. If you are needing someone to talk to, or just don’t want to make friends of Grindr or at a sleazy club please get in touch with these groups and let’s make an effective and informed change in our town. 


Standing up for figs


I just watched a video on the Newcastle Herald website of protestors in Laman Street showing their support for the fig trees that have transformed an ugly steel city into a place of beauty. This may seem over the top and tad dramatic but the truth is without those gargantuan monstrosities the street will look extremely bare. Personally I have always felt that standing up for what you believe in is something to be encouraged, but the video I just witnessed went beyond that. Organising a protest and petition to stop the trees being cut down is understandable, chaining yourself to the tree (if you so desire) and sitting on the branches to show your commitment is also commendable, but acts of violence towards someone who is just doing their job is when you move into the idiotic. I will miss the trees just as much as anyone else who has grown up in this town, but the act of violence and disrespect towards other human beings to save some trees is completely uncalled for and displaces any sympathy or aid to your cause.

Teaspoon posted “Disgusting is the word for this kind of behaviour. Its appalling to see people in Newcastle behave this way. How embarassing that this is going to be associated with our city.” and this is true, another eye witness report from the protest today “Shame SOF Shame you are a disgrace. You don’t have my support anymore. I was there and a supposedly peaceful protest turn ugly. SOF members running around with cameras snapping shots of Council staff & screaming at them, harassing abusing and putting police in danger as the contractors went in, pulling fences down and then playing the victims when police retaliate. You have shown your true colours SOF but at least what your really like is out in the open rather than the lies, harassment and bullying of council staff being hidden from view. Shame SOF Shame you are a disgrace.”

Some point their fingers at the council directly for letting the trees be chopped down despite apparent large scale public protest, others to the contractors, police and council workers who had to physically carry out the act. Personally I am of the opinion that attacking these people who are just like you, doing their job that they are paid to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads, these are not the people to physically and verbally abuse. Your power is in your vote. Perbid posted “The people and the contractors are just doing their jobs” – that’s nonsense. Any self-respecting human being would abandon their job if they were asked to do something unethical. The contractors were in the wrong for taking the job, and the police were in the wrong for employing violent tactics. They should’ve refused orders. If I was a police officer and asked to do something like that, I would have. What are they, a bunch of pussies? Can’t stand up and make their own decisions? In the aftermath of this, they will say “But we were just following orders!” Weak, cowardly excuses.” This is easy to say when you are not the one who has to carry out the act, you are not the one being abused, spat and yelled at for simply doing what you are paid to do.


Looking at this objectively the council failed to deliver sufficient evidence as to why the figs had to be torn down apart from the reason that they were destroying the road, which to their detriment is an actual fact, the road has been ripped up by the roots but hey you build a road where trees are what do you expect? The SOF on the other hand took matters to extreme and carrying that action to violence was completely un-necessary. Tactics took by people such as Mitch who while police where distracted took his chance to shoot up a tree and has been there for over 4 hours now in protest. Peaceful, simple and effective. We are lucky enough to live in a country that allows such freedoms and the right to have our voice heard. It is disgusting when we take that to the extreme of violence and cross the line. No fig is worth that.

If you want to watch the video and a timeline of the affair click here

Journalistic love re-invented

This year I have struggled in so many areas of my life, wondering what I am meant to be doing after what I thought was perfect clarity at the end of 2011. I started this year in year one of my degree and found after the first month that I wasn’t sure that this was what I was meant to be doing. I am studying journalism through a communications degree and found myself second guessing tutorial instructors, questioning their limited writing skills and never stopping to think for one minute that the problem was me. I got through the first semester (barely!) and moved on to semester two with a new attitude and promise to myself that I would make it work.

It is now week 7 and I have never been more un motivated to do assignments or even bother heading to class so I applied for a leave of absence while I get my motivation back. I do not want to be a news writer, there is nothing I can think of that would be more tedious that reporting on news, especially Newcastle local news. This is something that is deemed essential for the studies of journalism, something that I had no desire to do at any stage of my life. I am not good with strangers, I cannot just walk up to someone and start talking to them, it’s not me and I don’t feel confident enough to do anything like that. It was through this that I convinced myself that journalism was not for me and that I should move on to something else like creative writing and stick with that.

My plan was coming along how I wanted it to when all of a sudden I found myself being surrounded by strangers talking to me, usually I am extremely awkward and this is the reason I walk around with my headphones on all the time. It is something that I have been working on, to have more quiet time and meet new people and put a smile on my face when I walk around in public. Yesterday I went as I normally do to review two movies (hmm that reminds me I should probably write those!) and I was waiting for a bus to take me from Glendale to Charlestown. The bus was parked at the depot and through the front window I could see the bus driver, an elderly man with sun soaked skin talking to a young and thin pretty girl who looked in her early twenties. As they talked away merrily the line of people waiting for the bus grew more impatient, the driver obviously seeing this embraced the young girl in an awkward hug and kissed her on the cheek. My jaw dropped to the ground and I raise my sunglasses off my face and onto my head to get a closer look at what had just happened.

The doors to the bus opened and we started to pile in to our seats, as I bought my ticket the driver said to me “That must have looked pretty weird hey” I nervously smiled politely and said “Well maybe just a little” giving him an awkward grin. He put up his hand and said to me “There is a reason why, it is not what you think” I looked into his eyes and he had small tears glistening in the corner of each eye. “Twenty years ago that girl was a baby, she was in a house with her family that had caught on fire. I used to be a firefighter you see.” His crispy red skin on his forehead made sense now. “The house was on fire and I got all of her family out, she was in the corner and it was extremely hard to get to her, almost impossible the chief told me.” I pushed myself into the front seat “Please continue” I said. “She wasn’t making a sound, wasn’t moving. Her family on the pavement outside could not stop crying, they began to mourn for her. I ran back inside, picked her up in my arms and ran out of the building.” It was at this point that he wiped away the tears, a million memories spilling with each drop, “Once she started breathing again I knew my life would never be the same. The family rejoicing and screaming for their baby’s life, and I myself knew that this is why I was meant to be here, on this earth, to help people.” He finished his story and there was a ten second silence as I drank in his words not knowing the right thing to say. “Our families became extremely close since that night, she is like my own daughter and I have watched her grow up into the most incredible young woman. Don’t believe people when they tell you that this world is bad, that it is full of bad people.” I don’t think this firefighter/bus driver had any idea just how much these words meant to me right at this point.

We pulled into a bus stop and an elderly gentlemen with a walking stick got on the bus. I gave up the front seat for him but stood next to the driver and continue to quiz him about his time as a firefighter. He had fought for many people’s homes, lives and pets, and through all the sweat, the tears, the training, the agonising pain that your body feels after a day of being a rural firefighter in a densely bush populated area, this guy was a hero. “Thank you for listening to me, it’s not bullshit you know” he said to me with a smile enveloping his face. “Thank you for sharing it with me, it was an incredible story and so amazing to hear” I responded. “You know there is something about you, easy to approach, easy to talk to. I don’t tell that story to a lot of people” he replied. I smiled at him and thanked him again as I glided out of the front step of the bus at my stop. I was waiting for friends to arrive for dinner as I kept replaying the story over and over again in my mind, writing down as much exact quotes as I could before a feast of thai food riddled my brain with exhaustion.

While writing news stories still sounds like a one way ticket to snooze town I won’t be doing it forever. I love writing and it is what I want to do with my life. What was I to do? It was after this that I realised, these are the kinds of stories I want to tell, this is the reason I want to be a writer, to tell stories that inspire, stories of courage, of compassion and of love. This is the reason I want my degree and I have an elderly firefighting bus driver to thank for showing me the way back.

Last week of “Pray”

This is the start of the last week of my “Pray” challenge and to be honest the last couple of weeks they have gone out the window in relation to looking after my body. I haven’t been watching what I have been eating and my exercise regime has left the building which has resulted in the kg’s going up again. Essentially I have un=done all the work I have done so far. I am attempting to remedy that this week with a 3 day work out to adjust my body back to it’s exercise ready state and I feel that I am more than ready for the “Love” challenge.

Looking back on this phase I can see how I have grown emotionally and have sorted out a lot of things internally that have been sitting inside me for a while. One of the most successful things has been putting into writing the horrible experience with my ex and how this really f***ed up my life and I can see that I was using that as an excuse to not move forward with my life. The result of this has turned into a idea for a book which at the moment is called “Gaytion” a kind of how to guide for the gay relationships world. I can finally see a positive turn around from something that was negative.

This morning I started my first uni class (at 8am!!!!) and can already see myself having a more positive attitude towards my classes and hope that this semester I will be more dedicated and organised than the last. Already the lecturer and teaching staff seem more organised and positive than the last semester. I am looking forward to a better work/uni/life balance this semester and adding the “Love” element should help this along.

Overall I have learnt through this “Pray” experience to be more loving, more kind, more open to other people, their feelings, their thoughts and the importance of quiet times with yourself and how you can grow and change through this. I have found that meditation is a blessing and spending your time, money and energy into others that are important to you as well as yourself is the most rewarding thing you can do.

This week I am preparing my rocks to take on the big walk that I am planning to do this Sunday. In case you forgot I have been writing on rocks the things that I am going to let go of, do a trek through a beautiful rainforest and throw the rocks off the cliff symbolising the release of those things in my life. I am nervous, scared yet extremely excited about this and plan on a beautiful dinner and bath afterward to celebrate the end of the “Pray” challenge.

Suicide (Marry The Night)

Saturday was possibly the worst day of my life. I woke up in the morning and felt like absolute crap, I could feel my insides screaming out for rest but my brain being the weird thing that it is just wouldn’t let me sleep. I had being grouchy the night before and snapped at my house-mates a few times which I hate doing but there was something bugging me that I couldn’t shake.

I got out of bed and moped around the house for a little bit getting more and more frustrated internally than I have been in a long time. I decided to go and check out the new Marketown (a shopping centre that just opened here last week) as I walked into the shopping centre a new wave of anger swept over me, I walked through the new stores barely noticing what I was looking at and not really caring. After a quick sweep through the shops I decided that the centre was crap and decided to go for a walk along Newcastle beach.

As I got to the beach the anger subsided (something the beach always does) and tears started forming, I sat on the sand bed and looked up at the sky and started crying (thank god no-one else was around) as I cried slowly it started getting uglier the tears wouldn’t stop falling and my head was swirling with thoughts about not wanting to be here any more. These are thoughts that I have not had for years. The tears finally stopped and I felt empty like my whole inside was just hollow and there was nothing there any more, nothing worth living for, nothing worth saving. I kept rolling these thoughts around in my head and I put my headphones back in. I pressed shuffle on my IPod and a song came on Marry The Night by Lady GaGa a song off her new album Born This Way. The first few lines of the lyrics are “I’m gonna marry the night. I won’t give up on my life. I’m a warrior queen live passionately tonight. I’m gonna marry the dark, gonna make love to the stars. I’m a soldier to my own emptiness, I’m a winner.”

Now that you are all over laughing about “Warrior queen” and the irony we can move on. The words washed over me and I felt a new renowned sense of strength filling me up with happiness and life again. This is something I haven’t experienced before, call it God, call it energy, call it what you will it was amazing. I started smiling and as the song went on I cried tears of joy, happy that my mood had changed and relief that those thoughts and feelings had passed with no trace left in mind. It’s nearly been a year since I lost two friends to suicide and before Saturday I could never confess to truly know the feeling of wanting to end your life because you are not happy any more.

I got home and apologised for my mood the night before and we decided to have a boys night out. Dinner at the pub followed by bowling (with lots of drinks) then karaoke (with more drinks) and dancing (too many drinks but enough to be amazing!) we had the most amazing night out and I felt loved and secure in myself and with the world around me. I believe this was a test from whatever being is out there and while I do not know if I passed I know in future that I have plenty to live for, plenty to be grateful for and to snap myself out of those moods before it gets that far.

Life realisations

Yesterday I finished work and walked a block down to the next set of buildings to wait for my friend to finish her shift so we could have dinner and go shopping together. I called her to find out how long she would be and went to go and wait at the car. As I crossed the road and stood in the pedestrian island in the middle of the road a car slammed on its brakes right in front of me and the 4×4 behind it completely scrunched the back of it up and pushed it half way down the street. In this moment I was shaking and completely freaked out. While watching this I thought about my life and would I have been happy if I had died right there in that moment. This may sound morbid and emo-ish but it’s not, it helped light a fire under me. The last couple of posts have been about how I let other people affect my life and how I act. Honestly I don’t give a fuck anymore. I have lived my whole life smiling sweetly, saying the right thing being fake nice and I am so sick of it! Constantly stroking other peoples ego’s and feeling like shit about myself I am done with it! It’s time I take control of my life and get what I want. I don’t mean I am going to turn into a total raging bitch or anything I just won’t be putting up with crap anymore and stroking your ego to make you feel better about yourself.

I was thinking about the amount of times I have done this in the past, in particular I was telling a friend about the children’s novel I am writing and they turned the whole conversation to be all about them and their creative endeavours without even acknowledging mine or showing any sign of interest. Looking back I should have called them out on it, and while I didn’t want an ego stroke from them, some acknowledgement and support would not have gone astray.

As I met my friend and we went to the crash scene to make sure everyone was alright and offer to provide statements the driver of the car who slammed on his brakes was completely shaken. He was sitting on the ground shaking his head in his hands and nervously checking his phone every two seconds, I couldn’t help but compare my life to his. I get quiet and shy around new people and put up a lot of walls that I have been working on but they are still there and I cannot help but feel judged for being who I really am. This “Eat Pray Love Challenge” has taught me that change is not an instant process, there is no internal switch you can flick inside you and everything is magically different and you are a whole new person. You slip, you fall, you fail at certain things but the point is that you keep on trying to be a better person.

I have decided to extend “Pray” out till the end of July at this stage as I have a lot more rocks to add and things to be dealt with before my big walk. I will keep adding more rocks as I write them. I have just started a new job so I won’t be posting as much as I normally do as I find I am too brain dead to write when I get home and the stuff that I do is not suitable for posting on this site.

The point of this post is that life is hard, as children we are told to be a certain way and act a certain way. Then we get older and everything changes. We know who we are as individuals and this shapes our future. If you don’t like who you are change it. If you don’t like who you are hanging around, change it.

The E.N.D/The Beginning

I just finished watching all 3 of the Oprah finales so naturally I am sitting on my bed and am a blubbering mess. I read a lot of scathing reviews saying the final show was “hyped up” of course it was it is the ending of a twenty five year show and revolution that has swept the world. The first 2 shows where mainly celebrity tributes but also a gift back to Oprah from the people she has helped over the years. It was clear to me after the second show the power of your influence and of your kindness. Often we are so busy with our lives we don’t stop and think about other people. It is so easy to be all about yourself and to make the best life for yourself and while you are important it is what you do and how you influence other people and your compassion and kindness that matter.

This month I started giving to a local charity the Mackenzie Centre part of the Wesley Mission who offer free showers, free clothes-washing facilities, welfare and counselling services. They have 130 bed-sitter units and 3 family homes and are seeking more due to the increasing number of homeless people in our city. If you can please head on over to

While I have been giving financially I was challenged while watching Oprah to give up something more precious and more sacrificial than money, something I always complain that I do not have a lot of and that is my time. I am going to volunteer and do whatever I can whenever I can to help and give of myself to others. I used to do a lot of volunteer work in the community and I stopped and it is time that I started again.

The last episode of Oprah had no guests, no surprises, no giveaways just 45 minutes of lessons, advice and reflection of the last 25 years the one thing that stood out was energy. The energy you put out is what you get back, if you spend time hating someone, trying to destroy them it is just going to turn around and smack you in the face. I know when people do things to me I go on smear campaigns, it’s hard not to. The main challenge for me over the next month is shaping this to not react like I usually do and fight bitchiness, hate and negativity with love. It is so easy to write and I imagine frightfully hard to do, but this is what this show, this amazing woman has inspired.

Since I started this challenge in April this year every week I have done three selfless things to people in my world, wether that be through a dinner out on the town, a movie, a cup of coffee, an ear to listen, time to just be together, help with assignments, advice on relationship issues, lending money and attempting to eminate love and support. It has been extremely challenge, it has shown me that while doing something for yourself is good, doing something that helps and encourages someone else can be even more good.

So here marks the end of my selfish ways, I know I am not perfect and am extremely far from it but here is to trying and making a difference in my immediate world.

Christian leader uses ANZAC day to push his Anti-Gay & Muslim agenda

First of all grab a glass of wine and read this Then come back to me. . .

Ok you have read it right? Now let the rant begin! There are several points this “guy” is making that absolutely disgust me and several of his comments are statistically incorrect.

Wallace claims that “we remember the Australia they fought for – wasn’t gay marriage and Islamic!” does he also remember that at the time of war women where not allowed to vote? Is this included in the Australia that the MEN fought for?

“the need to honour that in the way we preserve it into the future, While of course and rightly there have always been gays and Muslims in Australia, many of whom have fought for the country, the nature of the country they fought for and arguably what made it worth fighting for has been largely drawn from Judeo-Christian heritage and values” Also back to the Women issue! It’s this kind of nit-picking and using examples like this and not including that makes me sick and just shows the illegitimate arguments that Christian lobby leaders throw out without actually thinking it through.

Today is a day where we honour and respect those who fought to make Australia a “free” country, not confined to one religion or set of ideas. After the war was won Australia introduced voting for women and the ability to enter the workforce. These ideals where not upheld when the war was fought so why use them, the fact that Wallace is attacking the meaning of ANZAC day shows that he has no respect or idea what it is really about.

Someone also might want to advise Wallace that at the time the war was on, christians where against the Aboriginal people inducing murder, the stolen generation and prejudice.

The whole day was perfect, beautiful this morning and then rainy after 1pm a perfect representation of the nation remembering and loving the people that have fought to defend this country in the past, so we look to the future. The gay marriage act will pass sometime in the future and what will be left to lobby against then? We live in a free country without prejudice while traditionalists cling to their ways the beauty of Australia is our ability to change and develop as a country.

Apologies for Apathy

I am sorry for my lack of updates this week, it has been quite full on and I found it easy to blame the holidays…so now I’m back on board! I think one of wisdom teeth has grown through, it is really causing me pain or it’s just really sensitive either way it is extremely annoying.

Tonight I watched a preview for a new tv show called “The Voice” being an ex-singer I was intrigued and the gay in me was attracted to Christina Aguilera & Adam Lavine as coaches on the show. Unlike Idol and X Factor the judges do not see the person when they walk out, they just hear the voice and then decide if they like them or not, this is an amazing concept in a world we are submitted to vocally challenged artists it will be great to see this change with a show that encourages “the voice”.

I know this has nothing to do with my “Eat Pray Love” challenge but I just wanted to put my opinion out there! I am finding it extremely challenging to get writing at the moment, I am working on a short story for a writing competition and the short story will be a prelude to my young adult novel. I awoke the other night scared out of my mind as I had just dreamt the scene where a character dies, after plotting out their life and importance to the story it was brutal, it was like actually seeing someone I know die. I am hoping that this rambling blog post will help my writing pick up again (I hope my editor is not reading this!)

Like most Sunday mornings I went to the farmers markets again and find myself buying more food to eat there than to actually take home, a spanish lady makes “Epanyadas” I cannot describe accurately just how amazing these delicacies are. Its a pocket that tastes a bit like a taco, neither hard nor soft, filled with chicken mince, potato and carrot with this amazing pickled lettuce sauce that runs everywhere but the satisfaction from the food is worth it. I had two this morning and as a result over did it on my exercise this afternoon to try and compensate. Back to regular regime tomorrow even though holidays are still here for 2 days.

If you are reading this please scroll up to the top of the page and click on the Vote for me button in the Sydney Writers Centre Blogs of 2011. On Friday a friend was surprised I hadn’t told many people I don’t like to self promote and “brag” as such but I think this is something to be celebrated and embraced and I finally realised that no-one tells you that you are a writer, you just are one. Please vote!

Re-discovering Paris

On the weekend I really got stuck into reading a book called “The Hundred Foot Journey” a story about an indian chef who moved to Paris with his family and became a French chef with an extremely successful restaurant.

As I drooled over the pages I quicky came to realise that I needed an “Eat” weekend. Sunday morning I woke at 6:30am to swoon out to the kitchen to slather some beef madallions in plum shiraz sauce with rosemary and thyme and put into the fridge. After a long shower I headed to the farmers markets where I found the most succulent Californian Pomegranates. As I handed over my three dollars for the two red gems my attention was turned to the vegetables, the corn was swoddled in green leaves and looked to inviting to leave in the basket. I reached for three along with sone green beans and carrots.

When I got home after some restrained shopping I begun whipping cream with vanilla extract and raw sugar, as the two blended together the aroma was incredible, filling the kitchen with the sweet raw scent that made my mouth water. As the whipped cream was spooned into the cosmopolitan glasses my knife slit the juicy pomegranate down the middle exposing the innner seeds.

Each seed glistening in the sunlight I couldn’t help but smile, weeks of “Pray” had left me desperate for something different and decidant. I grabbed the wooden spoon and begun pounding the back of the fruit forcing the pink glistening seeds onto the top of the whipped cream with flecks of red juice dribbing down the top, the very idea of balance and what I expected this journey to be was completely shaken. Was I aiming too high? This was easy for Liz Gilbert she was in an ashram in India with limited access to this kind of luxury, could I keep going knowing that this temptation was so accessible?

Sunday night as the deserts where devoured the cream forming a thick lining around my stomach I was in complete heaven, I felt like my body had been filled with something amazing that had re-ignited my determination for balance. Life is always hard, there are many temptations that will come into our path attempting to make our world crazy but it’s up to us howwe react and the decisions we make.